August 9th, 2014: My parents teach me how to make Chinese “jong,” a delicious treat made with sticky rice, preserved egg yolk, mung bean, and pork belly.

With time, effort, and creativity, engineers and chefs breathe life into ideas, as if by magic.

I am an engineer by profession and an amateur chef by necessity with much love for both arts. I live in Boston with my partner in coding, cooking, and coffee-tasting, Nathan Perkins. We frequently find ourselves as engineers and scientists in the lab and kitchen piecing together components and mixing ingredients in new ways to create fun and occasionally tasty discoveries. Serendipity often lends us a hand.

As a graduate student, when people used to ask me what I plan to do in the future, I always jokingly replied that one day I would open a neighborhood coffeeshop. Here, I record some of the more successful experiments that you may someday stumble upon in this hypothetical coffeeshop, either as food to enjoy or as conversation to overhear.

If you would like to learn more about me or get in touch, you can reach me at visit my GitHub page, see the latest protests that Nathan and I are tracking at, check out our 2017 Hubway Data Challenge entry, or try DuckDuckGo!

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I am Tommy Leung, an engineer and amateur chef. These are my curiosities. (RSS)