The cyclic graph of links, unfolded.

Don’t wait for statistical significance (and other A/B testing lessons learned)

Count Love: Aggregating protest data

From Carcasses and Trotters to Ramen

The Case for Public Transportation

The farmer’s market in a bowl.

Predictions from predictions.

粥 (“jōk”) / congee: a porridge-like rice dish made by boiling water with rice until the rice grains explode.

Wait, did I order the oatmeal?

Math causes a brunch accident.

Dissertation distilled.

Notes of marshmallow and chocolate.

Broccolini and broccoli rabe are not the same.

From cold noodles to chickpea salad.

These are one of my favorite foods.

Roasted chicken, day two (or three).

Bacon, lettuce, and tomato! Minustomatoplusegg.

The Year of the Lamb (or Sheep).

Salad by day, pasta by night.

A chicken roasting incident inspired this culinary experiment.

A peek inside the black box.

This is the 1 Bus in Boston.

I am Tommy Leung, an engineer and amateur chef. These are my curiosities. (RSS)